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December 27th - Around 1300 hours, companies were dispatched to a reported basement fire at 30 Rosshall Blvd. Engine 651, Truck656, and Car 658 responded. Car 658 (Chief Smolko) arrived and confirmed heavy smoke showing from the basement of the structure. Engine 651 arrived on scene and stretched a 1 3/4 hand line to the basement and extinguished the fire. Truck 656 checked for extension, performed minor over haul, and provided ventilation. Companies were back in quarters by 1345 hours.
December 20th -  Around 0900 hours, companies were dispatched to the 200 block of Custer Street for  a reported fire in the residence. Engines 651, Truck 656, and Car 658 responded. Engine 651 and Truck 656 were first due and reported a fire in a rear bedroom. 651 stretched a 1 3/4 line and extinguished the fire while truck 656 did some minor over haul to check for extension. The fire was under control within 5 minutes of arrival. All units were back in quarters by 0930 hours.

July 12th - At 0430 hours the Edison Fire Department requested a River Road Truck Company to provide standby coverage for the township while they operated at a structure fire. River Road Unit 658 with Chief of Department J. Smolko and Truck 656 chauffeured by Engineer P. Cercatore, responded with a crew of Captain Harding, Lieutenant Maas, Firefighter Barnoski. The truck stood by at Edison Station 2 and returned to quarters at around 1000 hours.


July 11th - Around 2030 hours, the River Road Fire Company was requested to provide a standby engine crew at the Arbor Fire House in Piscataway District Number 3 while they operated at a house fire on West 4th Street. River Road Unit 658 with Chief of Department J. Smolko and Engine 651 chauffeured by Lieutenant J. Cercatore, responded with a crew of Asst. Chief Florek, Lieutenant Maas, Engineer P. Cercatore, Firefighter Abraham and Cadet A. Smolko. Within minutes of arrival at the Arbor Firehouse, the engine was requested at the scene to provide a supply line for the Possumtown Ladder 637 that was setting up for master stream operations. Engine 651 arrived at the closest available hydrant at the intersection of Rock and West 4th but upon testing, discovered the hydrant to be dead. The next closest hydrant was several blocks away and with the fire working its way through the structure and through the roof the engine crew was ordered to lay the line. The Engine 651 crew laid its entire bed of 1000 feet of 5 inch hose, utilized a 50 foot pony and a 25 foot pony from the Possumtown ladder for a total supply line lay of 1075 ft. The 651 crew then setup a ground ladder to the lower roof of the structure which was utilized for the exterior handline attack. The Engine 651 crew was also utilized for the interior attack and salvage and overhaul operations. Engine 651 operated on scene until 0100 hours and then returned to quarters.


July 10th - At 1700 hours a fire alarm activation was called into Piscataway Police from the Colgate-Palmolive Company located at 909 River Road. District 2 units responded and Possumtown Chief Synder was first to arrive on scene and confirmed a smoke condition from the roof of the structure. River Road Engine 651, 652, Rescue 655, Truck 656, and Unit 658 responded to the scene with Chief of Department J. Smolko, Asst. Chief Florek, Captain Harding, Lieutenants J. Cercatore and Mass, Engineer P. Cercatore, Firefighters Abraham, Agnew, Portaro, Winkler, and Cadets Skistimas, A. Smolko, and Vaughn. Truck 656 setup the Tower Ladder for roof investigation and found found heavy smoke from the main buildings roof top in the location of a gas fired Chiller Unit. The truck company updated command and the engine crews were sent inside to investigate from beneath. A ruptured gas line servicing the chiller was discovered to be feeding the fire between the top floor and roof. Interior crews worked to secure the gas supply so the fire could be extinguished. The truck company performed extensive roof cuts to expose the fire between the top floor ceiling and roof decking while engine companies took down the ceiling below to expose the fire further. The New Market Tower Ladder that was requested to the scene as a part of the third alarm stretched a 1 1/2" handline from their bucket and it was utilized by truck companies on the roof to work the fire while engine companies operated with handlines within the building  from the standpipe that was being pumped by the Holmes Marshal Fire Company. Portable generators and the Cascade System off Rescue 655 were utilized to facilitate the operation. Several units from surrounding towns responded to provide standby coverage within the town and to operate at the scene. Units cleared the scene at around 2330 hours.   


April 13th - It is with the deepest regret that we inform of the passing of River Road Fire Company member Phillip Martin. Phil was a man of enduring generosity, always giving to all those around him. His contributions to the River Road Fire Company will be greatly missed.

March 25th - At 1700 hours, the River Road Fire Company was requested to the intersection of Beatty Avenue and Ellis Parkway for the reported 4 car MVA. River Road arrived on scene to find a two car MVA which had originated at the intersection and slid thru the front lawn and ended up colliding with two vehicles parked in the driveway of a Piscataway Township resident. The resident happened to be River Road Fire Captain Glenn Harding. River Road Fire secured the vehicles involved and left the scene in the hands of Captain Harding and Piscataway Police.
March 24th - Today morning, River Road Fire Engine 651 and crew participated in a Fire Prevention Detail at Knollwood school. The crew participated in the presentation of Fire Safety in the Saint Barnabas Fire Safety House trailer. 
March 21st - At 2100 hours, the River Road Fire Company was requested to a possible working structure fire at 437 Rivercrest Drive. Chief of Department Smolko was first to arrive on scene in Unit 658 and found heavy fire showing from the rear of the house and requested a second alarm. Road Engine 651 arrived shortly after and established a 5" Supply line from a nearby hydrant. Truck 656 and Rescue 655 arrived moments later and performed a primary search. The engine crew stretched a 2 1/2" handline to the rear of the house and made a knock on the fully involved deck attached to the structure. The engine crew also stretched a 1 3/4" handline through the front door and found fire had extended in to the rear attic space an was venting thru the roof. The interior crew extinguished the attic fire and the fire was placed under control around 2200 hours. A third alarm was requested to initiate mutual aid coverage for the district and bring additional manpower to the scene. Crews then proceeded with salvage and overhaul operations. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the township Fire Marshall. Other companies on scene included Possumtown Fire, Holmes Marshall Fire, North Stelton Fire, River Road and North Stelton Rescue, and others. All units cleared around 0030 hours. Click below for footage of the fire venting thru the roof.


March 15th - At 1300 hours, the River Road Fire Company was requested to provide a mutual aid company for North Stelton Fire while operating at a structure fire at 802 Mindy Lane. More Details to follow.


March 14th - At 1500 hours, the pride of the south side, River Road Truck 656 was requested to standby and provide coverage for the north side of Piscataway while District 1 was operating at a house fire at 65 Carlton Avenue. The truck crew provided coverage for the duration of the fire and cleared around 1700 hours.  


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