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December 14th - The annual Santa Run will be held this Sunday, December 14, 2008 starting at noon.


August 23rd - The River Road Fire Company participated on Saturday to support the "Iron and Steel - NYC to Shanksville" convoy that transported a 9/11 memorial corss of World Trade Center Steel from Brooklyn to Shanksville, PA. The cross will be a memorial to those who lost their lives at the sit of the crash of Flight 93 on 9/11. The convoy was welcomed at the River Road overpass on 287.


June 8th - At around 0200 hours the River Road Fire Company was requested to respond to the 400 block of 2nd Avenue for the reported structure fire. Responding River Road units included Engine 651, Engine 652, Tower Ladder 656 and Unit 658. The first arriving units confirmed a working fire. Engine 652 arrived shortly after and dropped a supply line as heavy fire conditions were visible. The truck crew was ordered to start venting the second floor windows as well as the roof. The fire was upgraded to a second alarm due to heavy fire conditions bringing in mutual aid companies to the scene. Companies made an aggressive interior attack and the fire was knocked down shortly after. Truck companies continued overhaul and checked for hidden pockets of fire. The fire was placed under control around 0300 hours. One firefighter from Holmes Marshall Engine 672 was removed from the interior of the structure after he became overcome due to temperatures in the high 90's as a result of the ongoing heat wave. The Firefighter was transported with heat related injuries to a local hospital and was released later that morning. Other District 2 companies operating on scene included Possumtown and Holmes Marshal Fire. Companies were back in quarters at around 0600 hours.


May 25th - At around 1400 hours the River Road Fire Company was dispatched to Blue Ridge Avenue and Gates Avenue for an MVA with an overturned vehicle. Unit 658 and Rescue 655 responded. Upon arrival unit 658 advised of a single car accident involving a tree with no entrapment. EMS was able to remove the patient. Rescue 655 stood by and then utilized saws to remove the tree from the car. Units cleared up around 1430 hrs.


May 8th - At 2145 hours, while standing by at the St. Francis Cabrini Carnival the River Road Fire Company was requested to respond to the intersection of Metlars Ln & Avenue E for the reported motor vehicle accident with possible entrapment. Unit 658, Rescue 655, Engine 651, and Engine 652 responded. Upon arrival, River Road units found a two car MVA with multiple injuries. River Road stabilized one vehicle but it was determined that extrication was not required. Rescue 655 assisted EMS with several patients and spread speedy dry for fluids in the roadway. Units cleared up around 2240 hours. Other units on scene included the River Road Rescue Squad, North Stelton Rescue Squad, Rutgers Emergency Services, Possumtown Fire, and Holmes Marshall Fire.


May 8th - At 0324 hours the River Road Fire Company was requested to respond to North Stelton's firehouse for a cover assignment while they operating at a fully involved structure fire with serious exposure problems. Almost immediately after arriving at North Stelton's firehouse, River Road Engine 652 was requested to move up to the scene on Brotherhood Avenue. Engine 652 arrived and found a house under construction that had completely collapsed into the basement. North Stelton, despite not having a supply water due to faulty hydrants in the area, was able to protect the exposure with a 2 1/2" blitz line. The exposure was an occupied dwelling and only received minor heat damage to the back of the house. North Stelton was able to get some water from the hydrants and then attached a Gated Wye to the 2 1/2" line and branched (2) 1 3/4" lines from it. Engine 652's crew took one line and began extinguishing fire and performing overhaul on what was left of the house under construction. North Stelton and River Road units cleared up around 0600 hours. Other units that operated on scene were New Market Fire.


May 7th - 10th - The River Road Fire Company was requested to provide an engine to standby at the First Annual St. Francis Cabrini Carnival. Engine 651 and numerous members stood by on all four nights of the carnival except for Friday due to a rain out. The carnival was open to the general public and featured numerous rides, food and entertainment. St Francis Cabrini is in danger of being closed by the Diocese of Metuchen despite providing quality education and activities for those who have attended the school over the years including several members from the River Road Fire Company. To find out more about St. Francis Cabrini and efforts to keep it open go to www.cabrini.com


May 2nd - At around 1230 hours the River Road Fire Company headed over to the Yellow Lot of The RAC on Rutgers University Lvingston Campus to provide one engine to standby for Rutgersfest. This year's performers included Third Eye Blind and Fabulous. While standing by, River Road units assisted Rutgers EMS with several ETOH's and also responded to a fire in the area of Quad 2. River Road used an 1 1/2" line to extinguish a small rubbish fire near the building. River Road Engine 651 cleared up from Rutgersfest around 2100 hours.


April 19th - At around 1345 hours the River Road Fire Company was requested with one engine to respond into North Stelton for a structure fire. Chief Smolko arrived just after North Stelton in 658 and assisted them in stretching a 5" supply line from Engine 621 to the hydrant and assisted with pump operations. Engine 651 arrived and its crew was directed to man a 2 1/2" line at the back of the house. Most of the fire had been knocked by North Stelton right away and some hot spots remained. Upon manning the 2 1/2" line,  Engine 651 split its crew up. Half remained on the 2 1/2" line and other half went to the roof and vented the D side of the house upon reports of heavy heat on the second floor and in the attic. Once all the hot spots had been taken care of, the Engine 651crew performed salvage and overhaul operations on the first floor. Engine 651 and 658 cleared up at 1526 hours.

April 18th - At around 1530 hours the River Road fire company was requested for their truck company to standby at New Market Firehouse for a cover assignment while New Market operated at a structure fire. River Road notified command that their truck was out of service. Command then requested for River Road to bring one engine to the scene. Engine 652 responded with a full crew. On arrival most of the fire had been knocked. Engine 652's crew and a crew from South Plainfield Engine 6 were directed to the second floor to perform extensive salvage and overhaul operations. Engine 652 cleared up around 1656 hours. Photo courtesy of the Courier News.

March 25th - At Around 0700 hours the River Road Fire Company was dispatched to River Road and Rivercrest Drive for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Chief Smolko and Rescue 655 responded with a full crew. Chief Smolko arrived first and found a two car mva involving a car and tractor trailer.  The tractor trailers saddle tank was punctured and leaking diesel fuel. The car had air bag deployment and one occupant was trapped on the drivers side. Middlesex County Haz Mat was than notified due to the volume of fuel which had spilled. Rescue 655 arrived and began vehicle stabilization and securing the car battery. Asst. Chief Maas, Capt. Harding and Firefighters Agnew and Florek utilized the jaws of life and hydraulic cutters to extricate the patient. Extrication was complete in about five minutes and the patient was handed over to EMS. Middlesex County Haz-Mat arrived and secured the tractor trailer. Other units on scene included Possumtown 632 and 638. River Road units cleared up around 0730 hours.


March 21st & March 22nd - The River Road Fire Company participated in a two day extrication drill taught by Bob Linster, Jr. of Amkus Rescue Tools. River Road's members went over various extrication techniques including vehicle stabilization, door removal, roof removal, and dash lifts using their new Amkus Rescue Tools (hydraulic spreader, cutter, and combo tool). Members were also educated on awareness of new vehicle technology that they may encounter on the road. So far the members of the company have been very impressed and extremely happy with their decision to switch to Amkus.


February 29th - At around 1915 hours the River Road Fire Company was requested by State Police to respond to 287 North by the exit 9 overpass for an MVA with a diesel spill. Engine 651 responded and on arrival found a five vehicle accident involving two tractor trailers and three cars. Engine 651 staged on the shoulder and assisted the River Road Rescue Squad while they removed a patient from one car. Other members assisted NJDOT with spreading speedy dry for the diesel spill from one of the tractor trailers diesel tanks. The trucks cab was completely crushed by the trailer of the other truck causing approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel to spill out onto the roadway. Once the wreckers arrived to clear the tractor trailers and a NJDOT Sand truck arrived for the fuel spill, Engine 651 returned to quarters around 2000 hours.


February 1st - Today at around 1030 hours the River Road Fire Company was dispatched to Deborah Drive for a report of smoke coming from the Holmes Marshall Fire Company. Holmes Marshall Chief Bob Burns was first on scene and reported a working fire and immediately requested a second alarm. River Road Engine 651 and River Road Truck 656 responded. Upon arrival units had heavy smoke coming from the front of the building. North Stelton Asst. Chief E. McDermott assumed operations and ordered an 1 3/4 line from 651 and for units to get the bay doors up in order to get the apparatus out. A third alarm was than requested by command. After several failed attempts to get the garage doors up firefighters made decision to drive the apparatus through the doors. River Road units then advanced an 1 3/4 line towards the back of the bays. Units were met with heavy fire coming from the hallway. An additional 2 1/2 inch line was brought in but deteriorating conditions inside forced firefighters to evacuate when the roof collapsed. Units operating on scene switched to an exterior attack until another interior attack could be organized. Units then performed extensive overhaul and remained on scene until about 1530hrs. Despite heat and smoke damage to the trucks, the early efforts from Holmes Marshall, North Stelton, and River Road firefighters allowed the apparatus to be salvaged with minimal damage. Some of the fire companies who were involved included Possumtown, Arbor, New Market, Highland Park, Middlesex, Dunellen, East Franklin, Somerset Fire & Rescue, South Plainfield, North Brunswick, East Brunswick Independent, New Brunswick and Metuchen. Additional units on scene included Middlesex County OEM, a number of Ambulance Services, and many other agencies.


January 31st - It is with the deepest regret that we inform of the passing of River Road Fire Company Ex-Chief Peter Haseloff (1943-2008). His contributions to the River Road Fire Company will be greatly missed.


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